Wednesday, January 10, 2007

So here are my future plans

1. To begin my exam readings this year.
1.5 To edit my bomb paper for the spring conference.
2. To take all my exams within a year-and-a-half.
2.5 To edit the bomb paper for publication in the future.
3. To write my Romantic Atlantic thesis.
4. To write a history of the Americans in the sealing trade.
5. To write a definitive history of the rise of the Shakers in America.

Yes, I think all that should be enough. For the time being.

The deception of mission

Principle has been supplanted by interest in public dialogue.
Purposefulness, clarity and simplicity are gone, all betrayed by the reality of empire.
There is no American nation.
There is an empire imposed from above us by those with the most economic & political agency.
The American nation will have to be recreated, because the Constitution & Declaration have both been abandoned by those in government.
Every time they raise their hands to preserve, protect & defend the Constitution, they lie.
So the American nation doesn't really exist now.
Such a nation will have to be the product of another revolution, which must encompass the complete alienation of the corporate & current elites from power.
The party is too rich, loud and stupid; it makes me sick. I want it to be over, and I mean it.

A Reality Shaped by Licentiousness

It is time to write in order to clarify my most essential point with respect to the world I've got. The United States government, in its creation of an empire beyond North America, has behaved licentiously and criminally in the interests of elites. There is no sense of mission in them, there is only the base desire to control resources and intimidate those who live in proximity to them.
The United States government has become the creature of elites, has turned its back on the desires and needs of the American people.
Who are the majority?
Those who work.
Whose voices are the most muted in government?
Those belonging to workers and the majority of citizens.
Can a government run by a privileged minority be said to be republican or democratic?
No. It is, in fact, an aristocracy.
There is no merit in aristocracy.
There is only money, which takes the place of merit, principle, and mission.

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