Sunday, August 27, 2006

Well since when do radical Muslims

want to preserve the past. It's the period of love-priestesses wide-belted & unveiled, cuneiform tablets of divination & accounts, and careful management of the marshes by coordinating the activities of ordinary people. It's the time of Ninhursag, Inanna, Tiamat, Ereshkigal and Siduri. It's the time for narratives, narrative commentary and narrative embellishment. Perish the thought anything could be imperfect in the Muslim world; what with the final word given, the final prophet born & died so long ago, the angels so satisfied with him.
I don't think what I'm writing is anti-Muslim. My problem is that what lies in the silty sand of Southern Iraq belongs to the world. What have radical Muslims to do with preserving anything that challenges their beliefs about themselves? They are too frightened and insecure in their own identities to respect history or the rest of the world.

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