Sunday, August 13, 2006

There is the armored mentality,

and then there is the flexible one.


Too many journos are wearing flak jackets and helmets, little spacemen who want to show they are "in combat" on television. I notice how their drivers and interpreters are usually not given flak jackets. These are reserved for us, the Westerners, the Protected Ones, Those Who Must Live.

I used to wear a flak jacket in Bosnia, but no more. Ever since a bullet penetrated the neck of a colleague and was kept within his body by the iron jacket - going round and round until it had destroyed his kidneys, liver and heart - I have refused to touch these things. Better to die in shirtsleeves. end quote.

Damn straight.
After losing 19 people and getting 70 wounded in one day, Israel is party to a cease fire. I suppose they believe they are "those who must live." Contemptible.

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