Sunday, August 13, 2006

I got a comment here

and I think I may have pushed the wrong button because it wasn't saved. I wanted it published.
To that person who was reading, I just want to write this.
I am an American. Right to the center of my tiny spine. I think it's true that most Americans do not understand the realities on the ground in the Middle East. They have never experienced the kind of poverty most people living there have experienced, nor are they privy to the cultural heritage of the region. There are certain biblical enthusiasts who fancy themselves knowledgeable, but really, most Americans are quite ignorant of the divisions both culturally and politically that prevail there and most important, they don't understand the reasons for their existence.
For instance, Hezbollah is a grass-roots organization in Lebanon that represents the interests of Shia Muslims. Their constituency is local and on the ground, it is not Syria, and it is not Iran. The Shia Muslims need Hezbollah, considering the proclivities of certain Christian and Sunni neighbors of theirs whose organizations' names will not be mentioned here. But I know you've got the picture.
Networks must represent various cultural and factional groups because in that region, it is my impression, if you don't assert yourself through a coherent community, you get stepped on. Perhaps you even get thrown aside. That's why I think Hezbollah exists, and if they ever stop serving that purpose, they're gone.
These are realities that we don't face here in the United States.
We are not a country where tribes, factions, or historical divisions determine the nature of community and politics.
Even though we do not understand Middle-Eastern realities first-hand, I think most Americans have the common sense to see the difference between reciprocity and injustice in war, trade, diplomacy and various interactions at all levels of human contact. It is human to react violently or with tremendous dissonance to realities that are unjust right on the face.
I don't know what's going to come of this newly-negotiated cease-fire. I suspect that the Israelis under Olmert, true to this newly-chosen neocon form, will do something small to violate it, small enough to provoke a response of course, and then it will come to nothing. I've never known neocons to employ good faith in negotiations with anyone, and I think what we're seeing in Israeli leadership are neocons.
And like radical Islamists, they're perverts. Their minds are so narrow you could fit them into tiny glass tubes.

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