Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I doubt that

the thin blue line has been the only one containing African-Americans.


Racial bias is systematic because policing institutions were designed to contain rather than serve and protect the black community. For most of U.S. history, African-Americans were denied access to the nation’s cultural and economic capital. Police forces were the “thin blue line” that enforced those barriers.

This job of racial containment has been white America’s mandate to the police and, for the most part, they have faithfully performed their duty. end quote.

The thin blue line does not concern me as much as the thicker red line which has yet to be addressed.
The idea though, that African-Americans should address their problems with police brutality by bringing suit in federal court is ludicrous.
The federal government is holding people without charge, subjecting them to torture and even prompting their suicides.
The federal government, as of 2000, has not proven it possesses any genuine commitment to the upholding of civil rights.
If anything, it has proven it is committed to the violation of civil and human rights worldwide.

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