Sunday, August 20, 2006

Good police work

will protect us from a police state.

George Bush used a lie more subtle than Chertoff's but no less unmoored from reality, that the conspiracy somehow justifies his conduct of the "war on terrorism" and presumably the war on Iraq and perhaps, in time, an assault on Iran. Keep the Bush, Faith. But we might wonder why the Bush administration was seeking to divert six million dollars in funds earmarked for explosives detection. Or whether the existence of a plot automatically justifies a policy that many leading anti-terrorist experts have stated has left us more vulnerable than we were before 9/11. Or we might remind ourselves that good old solid procedural police work apparently thwarted the airline plot, work that had nothing to do with any U.S. anti-terrorist measures. We could also point out that the existence of such a plot, five years after 9/11 was perpetrated on Bush's watch in the face of friendly warnings from our allies, speaks more to the failure of Bush's efforts than to their success. end quote.

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