Friday, July 21, 2006

Who is writing here?

David Broder is a commentator.
A commentator incapable of writing for himself.
He wrote this commentary as coming from the lips of Barney Frank, yet claims the expression. He asserts little and lets Frank fill in the gory parts.
He characterizes Frank as an "exceptionally bright" liberal. So I suppose that the overwhelming majority of liberals shineth not in the dark and suffocating night of David Broder.
He is not sure that Bush's domestic policies have threatened civil liberties.
Yet he does not come out and say that this country is free and that those who complain about the wideness of the war on terror (like the vast number of states & localities that have passed ordinances in defiance of the USA Patriot Act) are paranoid alarmists.
His attitude toward the threatened, silenced, tortured and severely repressed left is outwardly one of disdain, and if he were truly honest with himself and his readers, he would just come out and acknowledge his hatred & contempt. Broder hints at debate rather than demanding it. There is a group of people out here, Mr. Broder, who have not been heard. They have no desire to see your version of their words, or to use you as an errand boy. Above all, they write for themselves. Now that's democratic.

As for Frank's assertion that this remains a "very free country," well you should tell that to girls who want abortions, gays who want to get married, and dissenters who want 1. to be represented truly in the MSM, 2. to be represented in Congress, and 3. to burn the damn flag (which is not sacred and never will be). Secular religion is for Romans, not for Americans. The Enlightenment happened, nationalism is a dream born of stupidity from which humanity will awaken with the right amount of jarring, so get over it.

As a matter of fact, I think the only things which should be communally sacred are monuments & headstones. They're democratic, and what you write on a tablet of stone is something that will stay with you for a long time.

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