Sunday, July 23, 2006

Something's curiously missing

from this speech.
Bush summarizes American history of the Early Republic.
He mentions Jefferson, Adams, Washington, Franklin.
He calls the slaves another group of founders of the U.S., but does not mention slavery and slaves at all.
He implies slavery, but does not assert that it existed. Very clever.
What faith did they have to keep?

And now:

Yet through captivity and oppression they kept the faith. They carved a great nation out of the wilderness and later their descendants led a people out of the wilderness of bigotry.

Nearly 200 years into our history as a nation, America experienced a second founding, the civil rights movement. Some of those leaders are here. end quote.

No Nat Turner, no John Brown, no escapes northward, no underground railroad. No attempts to occupy & spread slavery to Cuba or Nicaragua. No civil war. That's convenient too. No narrative of defiance, no hint that authority had been questioned and its hold broken repeatedly in the Early Republic. As a historian trained at Yale, Mr. Bush leaves much to be desired.

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