Saturday, July 22, 2006

More bad faith,

more broken commitments. What could it be? The story of African-Americans in Bushworld of course.

Voting Rights Act -- This was a big applause line. Bush gloated about his convincing the White Sheets Caucus of the Republican Party to go along with the renewal of the Voting Rights Act. But he forgot to mention the fine print. The Southern GOP only went along with renewing the law on the understanding that the law would never be enforced. Think I'm kidding? Check this: in July 2004, the US Civil Rights Commission voted to open a civil and criminal investigation of his brother's Administration in Florida for knowingly renewing a racially-biased scrub of voter rolls. In April 2004, Governor Jeb Bush, of the "family committed to civil rights," personally ordered this new purge of "felons" from voter rolls, despite promising never to repeat the infamous scrub of 2000. The new purge violated a settlement he signed with the, uh, NAACP. end quote.

Greg Palast is the author of The Best Congress Money Can Buy, a title statement the U.S. Congress has yet to live down. True more than a decade ago, true today, no reform in sight, institutional loyalty means retention of the elitist status quo.

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