Saturday, July 22, 2006

Good, I hope they're frightened.

History does not judge, but look bad by way of your own actions, and there's no changing it. Here, the state that gave the election to Bush expresses its deep dread of the art of Clio. Clio's going to get you either way.

One way to measure the fears of people in power is by the intensity of their quest for . . . control over knowledge.
By that standard, the members of the Florida Legislature marked themselves as . . . most terrified of history in the United States when last month they took bold action to become the first state to outlaw historical interpretation in public schools. In other words, Florida has officially replaced the study of history with the imposition of dogma and effectively outlawed critical thinking. ... So, as part of an education bill signed into law by Gov. Jeb Bush, Florida has declared that:
"American history shall be viewed as factual, not as constructed." That factual history, the law states shall be viewed as knowable, teachable, and testable.
end quote.

Okay, Jebbieboy.
Slavery existed.
The Reconstruction became reconstructive after the Radical Republicans (your party, can you believe it Mr. Bush?) abandoned their supporters in the South in favor of big business, money, whites, and the power of the boot, klan & dollar.
The Native American nations were subject to sustained genocidal policies throughout the Colonial, Early Republic, and Gilded Age periods.
The war in the Philippines, 1902-1904, was rife with atrocities on both sides.
In the 1970s, thousands of mentally ill people were turned out of institutions and became a core population of the homeless that continue to exist throughout the U.S.
Veterans of several wars have joined them on the streets over the years.
No infrastructure exists to help these alienated populations. They are, for all anyone says, internal exiles.
Your brother's response to Hurricane Katrina was extremely inadequate and as a result, thousands of people died, some of whose bodies are turning up in New Orleans and in the flooded regions even now.
That is knowable, teachable, and testable.

Choke on it, you anti-democrat, you Ivy League Embarrassment.
If it were in my power, I'd strip you of your citizenship and ship you and your entire ugly, treacherous family to the Cayman Islands in hogsheads.

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