Saturday, July 29, 2006


They're brave enough to do this:

Israeli warplanes blasted bridges and demolished houses in southern Lebanon, killing seven people, including a woman and her five children. end quote.

But they're not brave enough to actually fight their enemies with a sustained, direct ground assault, squad upon squad, man for man. They want an American war (and American wars have become singularly cowardly after the invention of the airplane, tank & missile).
I can't stand these air, missile and bomb attacks. An attack on civilian communities is not direct confrontation. It's just cowardice.
I want people to really fight instead of pretending to fight.
I want them to embrace their mortality and stop running from it.
I want mutual adversaries worn down by massive casualties, days of sustained fighting, exhausted, dismembered, and living on dust.
I want them all to mutually embrace despair.
I want them to fight hopelessly, with no possibility of any kind of assistance from the U.S., Iran, Syria, or anyone else.
Only then is war respectable and its costs worth bearing.
Only then, when the suffering becomes intense among the committed, is there a chance of negotiating an end to it.
Evidently, Israel is not up to the challenge. Neither is Hezbollah for that matter.
Israel has fought this war as competently as John Bolton has served American interests at the UN.

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