Friday, July 28, 2006

Congress suffocates the courts

Though the Pledge Protection Act, passed by the idiotic House of Representatives, protects the Pledge from review by courts. The resolution as agreed to reads thus:


Sec. 1632. Limitation on jurisdiction

end quote.
So now the jurisdiction of the courts is the business of Congress, not the dictate of the Constitution. So they would sooner protect the Pledge (which they never swore to do) and attack the Constitution & Bill of Rights (which they did swear to do). Here as observed before, they are trying to change the very structure of government by changing its functioning.
The Pledge of Allegiance is the protection of traitors and elites.
For that reason alone it should be scrapped.
Every representative who voted for this should be impeached for violating their oath of office.
And every senator who supports it should be similarly menaced.
And then they all should be run out of town on a rail by the people, the real people, the citizens who work for a living that they have betrayed.

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