Monday, June 05, 2006

Mr. Floyd, you must be heard.

And here, my hope is that you will be.
He's one of the few people who can write in a textured and definitive manner about the left wing which has been ground under heel by the neocon bastard citizens who have taken over this country and the greed-driven elites that pay them.
The fact that he was banned from the Daily Kos is not in itself worrisome. What is, is their refusal to allow Floyd to respond to the criticisms and epithets leveled at him. Mr. Floyd's blog is titled "Empire Burlesque," and from this day forward, I am featuring it among my links. I have been reading his columns for years, and I am galled that this journalist who possesses strong credentials and who represents many of my views has been alienated by this large site. To silence Floyd is to forbid people to know of him. To silence Floyd to so many is like blinding a crowd, and a blind crowd is always dangerous to itself & others.

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