Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A few things

about Ann Coulter.
Her problem is not that she can't think, but that she reasons erroneously virtually all the time. She engages in black and white thinking.
To protest for reproductive choice is to desire the death of infants.
Only if you oppose abortion do you want infants to live.
The 9/11 widows who criticize Bush are "enjoying their husbands' death" because to mourn is to be silent and let someone else speak for you.
She cannot criticize the people who have been hurt by neocon policies and so she wants to question their ethics in speaking out against neocon policies.
For instance, if I started a movement to gain national health insurance because of the horrible circumstances of my husbands illness and death, she would accuse me of power-ambition, and thereby try to lessen my authority.
The perception of authority is what this is all about.
She is also virulently anti-democratic.

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