Sunday, May 14, 2006

A whisper isn't news

I think it's important to put a recent article by Jason Leopold into perspective.
First of all, this story has not been confirmed by a press release issued by the office of Patrick Fitzgerald. I will not be satisfied that an indictment exists until it is publicly announced. Leopold may be a journalist, but he's not (as I've written elsewhere) Seymour Hersh.
In this story, there is a gulf between what is and what the evidence suggests. Journalists should write what the evidence is, rather than what it suggests. Or if they write what it suggests, they should qualify the sentences.
The White House press office has stated that there is much "wild speculation" about Rove, Fitzgerald and possible indictment. I believe that there is speculation, but to call it wild is another appeal to ridicule. The appeal to ridicule is the most common logical error this regime uses to defend its image against inconvenient facts. Again, inductively the evidence is suggestive.
The second most common logical error in use is the appeal to fear, followed closely by changing the subject, and the construction of straw men.
Learn your logical fallacies people. Learn to spot them the first time you hear them. Because the use of flawed logic exposes the liar time & time again. Your ears & what's between them are your best weapons against the irredeemably corrupt regime ruling now.

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