Saturday, May 13, 2006

Today was a simple day

I'm starting to feel like a person unstressed. I spun yesterday and today, and finished the spindle I had started a little less than a year ago in Virginia. I've got no idea how much yarn I'll produce in yards this summer. I know that it's Corriedale & it makes good sweaters, and so I'm just going to keep spinning colors I think might be harmonious together, and then knit a sweater when I can.
I was making a gauging piece today, and I must use size 6 needles to make the 5 stitch to the inch I'll need. That's a pretty loose hand, but I'm satisfied.
Today, I made a wrap for lunch. I made it with tomato-basil bread, cottage cheese, zucchini, a large tomato slice cut in half, fresh parsley, seasoning & ranch dressing (just a bit). Now that was good. I can survive on that.

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