Monday, May 22, 2006

Time to call Winston out

I recently got a simple comment from Winston, whose blog is titled "The Spirit of Man."
His profile statement runs as follows:

((On a side note: This weblog is to serve the Neo-con American Right-wing Zionist/Christian Imperialist Conspiracies against the Iranian Mullahcracy. If this is your cup of tea, please enjoy your stay. If not, please back off & don't bother - Thnx)) end quote.

Back off and don't bother to do what, Winston? Write a comment?
Well you thought it was just fine to write a mean-spirited comment on my blog, what do you think it is keeping me from writing a mean-spirited comment on yours? Answering that question will keep you busy because it doesn't require a yes or no.
Your appeal to ridicule is what it is. You can't change it. And as I've said, one error in logic can conceal a thousand lies.

I have never written any comment on your weblog and this is the first time I am here.

Could you tell me where I have left a comment on yours?
The story I linked to treats of U.S.-Iran policy, and something I suspect but cannot prove. And the name on the comment brought me to your profile & blog quickly. Go to "Ask yourself."
The story concerning a "dress code" in Iran has been exposed by one source & repeated by another as a hoax.
you can believe in whatever you wish.

You have never lived in Iran and you know almost nothing but it is okay, you can remain a clueless person

who cares?
Appeal to ridicule again.
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