Sunday, May 21, 2006

There was smoke in the apartment building

very, very early this morning. Someone had been boiling eggs and left the apartment with the stove on. So the alarms went off between 1:30 & 2 in the morning, and I managed to get out of the building using the stairs I'd rehearsed. What I find strange is that no one on my floor was outside. I'm convinced that a good number of people sleep through the alarms. There were people outside and on the ground floor, but their numbers don't square with the number of people who should be living here. I smelled smoke in the hall, but the apartment in which the pan was going was on the 1st floor. As I walked down the stairs past the second & first floors, I could hear sounds of shouting and perhaps distress. I know that the older tenants become distraught at these alarms.
I got back in about 30 to 40 minutes later. The alarms rang intermittently, but I wasn't worried. They weren't sustained. It's the third time I've had to evacuate the building. The first was in the fall, in the afternoon, the second was earlier this spring, and at about 5:30 in the morning. It was just about time to get up any way. It was cold outside, perhaps in the 40s, and even now I can sense that the wind blowing is still cold. Cold not so much with respect to the range of temps in Buffalo, but cold still.
I might run off later to the coffee shop and to read a little braille. But I want to spend some time with Mardi today. Given the cop I've got on the spindle, it looks like I'll be finishing it sooner than Friday. I'm still pouting over my braille-note.

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