Thursday, May 11, 2006

Reality strikes

I know that larger numbers of bankruptcies is not good news, but I'm pleased that a dose of reality is being injected into economic interactions.

Bankruptcy filers are required to undergo credit counseling before they can proceed with their cases, but many arrive at the counselors in such sorry shape that they can't pay the nominal fee the agencies impose, said Bob Ensinger, marketing director for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

Each pre-bankruptcy counseling session costs the agencies an average $50.96, Ensinger said, but the average amount collected is just $37.71. Losing $13.25 on each session is bad enough, but the agencies complain that a larger-than-expected number of applicants is forcing them to redirect resources to bankrupts that might otherwise be used to help consumers who still have a fighting chance to pay their debts.

Surely, this is not what Congress had in mind. end quote.

Congress did not have this in mind because they are paid too much to live in the real world-- the world of the American majority. And now it's hitting them in their overfed faces. Pity them? Hell no. They deserve the shock and the realization that such poverty will last a long time, given their policies. They wrote the ticket of corporate exploitation, low minimum wages, high infant mortality, hunger, homelessness, debt and war, now they'd better swallow the meal. There is no cure in marriage and family here. These are systemic problems that make the U.S. a third world country.

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