Monday, May 15, 2006

Iraqi poverty and instability

is very likely, the wave of the future.
Read and compare, because the contrast may be harder to distinguish in the coming years.

Torturers believe that when electrical shocks are applied to various parts of the body simultaneously subjects are rendered so confused about where the pain is coming from that they become incapable of resistance. A declassified CIA “Counterintelligence Interrogation” manual from 1963 describes how a trauma inflicted on prisoners opens up “an interval—which may be extremely brief—of suspended animation, a kind of psychological shock or paralysis. . . . [A]t this moment the source is far more open to suggestion, far likelier to comply.” A similar theory applies to economic shock therapy, or “shock treatment,” the ugly term used to describe the rapid implementation of free-market reforms imposed on Chile in the wake of General Augusto Pinochet’s coup. The theory is that if painful economic “adjustments” are brought in rapidly and in the aftermath of a seismic social disruption like a war, a coup, or a government collapse, the population will be so stunned, and so preoccupied with the daily pressures of survival, that it too will go into suspended animation, unable to resist. As Pinochet’s finance minister, Admiral Lorenzo Gotuzzo, declared, “The dog’s tail must be cut off in one chop.” end quote.

By collapsing the dollar, Bush can shift the wealth of the American middle class to corporate mandarins in the blink of an eye. Industry profits will soar while working class people drown in an ocean of red ink.

The wheezing housing bubble and the steadily rising interest rates are a warning sign that time is running out for the dollar. America is being readied for economic "shock therapy" and "structural readjustment", the vile remedies for ailing economies. When the bottom drops out, the dozy American middle class will finally stir from their slumber and get their first good look at the new world order. end quote.

The pronouncements of Milton Friedman have become self-fulfilling prophecies. Behold, a regime of, by and for the corporate citizen, the people be impoverished, uneducated and without legal, institutional, or social recourse against their suffering. The only hope of the people is themselves and principle.

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