Monday, May 08, 2006

Hello, and Happy Mothers' Day.

Happy Mothers' Day, everyone.
I have two names, Bald Eagle and National Symbol. I'm sick and tired of the horrible reputation my nation is getting as a result of neoconservative policies. I live a simple life. I want, like you, to survive. I need my living wage, even if I'm not protesting for it.
The neoconservative government that appropriates my image negotiates in bad faith with the people and with other nations, ally & adversary alike. It even negotiates in bad faith with the United Nations-- an international organization it joined voluntarily.
In my world, we don't negotiate in any kind of faith. If you are the small mammal and I am flying overhead & am hungry, well, it's over for you. Granted we don't negotiate, we also don't lie.
My image is supposed to be one of clear sight, understanding of reality, and honest dealing. The day may be over for the small mammal, but I also realize my days are numbered. Even I must obey international, transnational, and universal instruments. I keep my commitments.
As a bird of prey, I know what predatory power is, and I can tell you that it is not arbitrary and infinite.
No power, if conferred by nature or by human institutions, is arbitrary. We all have to account to the rest of the world for what we do.
I want to symbolize a nation aware of that reality. A nation that takes responsibility for all the blood it sheds and a nation that requires rectitude in its relationship with the rest of the world.
I'm a simple bird. I want my living wage. I want accountability from the more powerful to the less powerful. And I want Americans to stop using me and other national symbols as a substitute for the serious study of American history, enlightenment, and founding documents. I have the eyes to see that too many of you have fallen under the spell of ritual, robe and scepter. When the appearance of civility becomes more important than individual dignity and democracy, even I can see that something is wrong.

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