Wednesday, April 26, 2006

This morning, NPR

devoted at least 20 minutes to the rape case in North Carolina. They call Juan Williams their "senior correspondent," but I never heard him until the 21st century. Neil Conan and Noah Adams and Sylvia Poljoli along with Diedre Burger are senior correspondents. Juan Williams is just their golden boy.
The North Carolina case has a few national angles, but really, it's a local story. Its newsworthiness to a national organization is negligible to say the least after one week. The real news is what is happening in Iraq & Afghanistan, the rising price of fuel, and the economy.
The obsession and fantasy of the era has to be the immigration problem. Immigrants don't determine the wages in this country. Elites do. This is just a way of focusing attention away from the real agents of economic change and productive sector degeneration.

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