Sunday, April 30, 2006

If it serves the poor and disabled,

it's not in your interest.
The gospel of wealth speaks and spreads its gratitude and virtue across the land

April 26, 2006 — - Hundreds of soldiers wounded in battle in Iraq have found themselves fighting off bill collectors on the home front, according to a report to be released tomorrow. The draft report by the Government Accountability Office, which ABC News obtained, said that hundreds of wounded soldiers had military debts incurred through no fault of their own turned over to collection agencies. ...
His injuries forced him out of the military, and the Army demanded he repay an enlistment bonus of $2,700 because he'd only served two-thirds of his three-year tour. ...
"Oh, man, I felt betrayed," Johnson said. "I felt like, oh, my heart dropped." ...

But the Army said it is now trying to correct the problem. Since ABC News first reported on the plight of soldiers, featuring Johnson and Kelly in a "Primetime" investigation in October 2004, the Army has forgiven most of their debts. ...
But Davis said there may be thousands more whose thanks for putting their lives on the line has been a knock on the door from a Pentagon debt collector. ... end quote.

The sacrifice of a wounded man lands him in debt for the rest of his life, thanks to the do-it-on-the-cheap Pentagon. I'd like to lock Rumsfeld and Shrank in a room unarmed with the families and friends of the soldiers they've betrayed.

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