Sunday, March 19, 2006

Unlike Fukuyama,

I just can't embrace any metamodels of history, politics and development. I think totalizing ideology turns thoughts into hobnail boots and reality into something cruel. Francis Fukuyama has come down on the side of personal responsibility with respect to the history of the Iraq war.

In other words, if things turn out well in Iraq, history may well record that it is despite -- rather than because of -- the best efforts of Bush and Blair. That seems harsh to me, but Fukuyama is implacable. Whether they win or lose history's gamble, he believes the champions of the war should be blamed for starting it. end quote.

Of course the champions of the war are responsible for starting it. That's not left-wing ideology, or even intellectual talent or genius, that's common sense. I think it's wonderful that Fukuyama talks about his wife and her independence and reflection on situations they experienced together.

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