Sunday, March 05, 2006

Need we question

this assertion?

1. The United States has spent more than a quarter-trillion dollars in Iraq.
2. 50 billion dollars of that went to Homeland Security, which is doing security in Iraq.
Homeland security should mean the homeland . . . is Iraq the homeland? Well if one conceives of Iraq as a Middle Eastern colony, then I guess it's appropriate for Homeland Security to become the next sinkhole for Iraq money, arms, and blood.
3. Billions of dollars are unaccounted for, and there are widespread allegations of waste, fraud and war profiteering. end quote.
So not only is Iraq our new Middle Eastern colony, it's also a place where lots of money can change lots of hands REAL FAST. And when it does, it can be laundered so much more easily.

This government thinks nothing of going after debtors with their damned-to-hell bankruptcy bill, overpayments of Social Security benefits to the disabled, survivors and children, and they really want their taxes, yet when it comes to holding corporate contractors accountable for what they do, the vigilance and care go out like a blowing bulb. There are several standards of decency in conduct in this nation. The richer you are, the more liberal, that is, generous, they become.

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