Sunday, March 05, 2006

The mid-term draws near,

and I'm pleased to say that I'm grading papers and trying to keep my own work caught up. My paper on Hawthorne is written, and I've got a number of other essays I've written over the past few years I might post here.
I won't be as busy as usual during spring break, but there will still be things to do. Student aid applications, income tax returns, etc. I really feel that when we pay taxes to this government, we should also be required to write what we think of public policy and include it with our taxes. If you feel bad about the taxes you're paying, it's probably because you feel the government isn't really serving the people.
I know that if my dollars bought public transportation, national health insurance, and a defense policy of persistent non-intervention in foreign countries, I'd be very happy to pay an even larger percentage of my income than I do.
I think the government deserves some public rage along with its taxes, which it forces out of the majority to comfort and aid the minority who are most able to pay. The way I see it, they should be grateful that the rage comes out in notes rather than fires in the Rotunda. The Rotunda, remember, belongs to the people, not to Congress.

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