Saturday, March 11, 2006

Distinguish carefully

between the public interest and private greed. The writer of this article did not, and Ms. Norton has made sure to confuse the issues enough to mislead many people.
Compromise with greed? There's no doing it.

WASHINGTON - Western lands more open to oil and gas drilling and to logging. A greater emphasis on making federal land accessible to the public. Fewer protections for wilderness. . . . During her tenure, oil and gas companies won thousands of permits to drill in western states as the administration moved to speed domestic oil and gas production. . . . The budget proposes cuts to several programs, including $89 million from the National Park Service's nearly $2.6 billion budget. It also would raise $250 million over five years by selling 125,000 acres of the Bureau of Land Management's 261 million acres. end quote.

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