Thursday, March 30, 2006

A shuffle of policy-makers

will not solve the problems troubling "financial markets."
How about an end to the war, a reversal of privatization of government functions, a tax increase on those most able to pay taxes in the first place, and some genuine relief for the disadvantaged? Those most capable of assuming the egregious burden demonstrate moral cowardice and ethical bankruptcy repeatedly.
The financially bankrupt are more often than not virtuous in their human vulnerability and impoverished.
The morally bankrupt have no poverty whatsoever to plead their case.

The liberal-progressive says,

show me a citizen.
The conservative elitist says, show me myself or something resembling me and I'll give it citizenship whether it breathes or not.
Think of all those corporate citizens out there-- no flesh, no blood, no independent voice, and yet their power knows no bounds.

When looking this over,

I come to believe that it is a reaction to the anger provoked by the Dubai ports deal. The reactionaries are saying: how dare you call us neglectful of the nation's defense at its entrances!
The elites are punishing the workers-- the more unskilled, the more liminal, so much the better. They really don't understand the value and significance of these people in national formation, our history & culture.

Neocons & con men of every stripe

claim that they want to control opportunities, not outcomes.
In the case of Iraq, clearly the desire to control outcomes, nations, and power is evident.
I said control, not influence, not negotiate, not settle. What you get for your loyalty to the neocons will be a chaotic world that calls itself orderly.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Draconian laws do not create order,

they hide deep social chaos and open up spaces for the powerful to commit greater and greater crimes.

The hive of fascists,

not content with their crimes against people living in the Middle East and Hindu Kush, have decided to create a legal apparatus by which more people will disappear.


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

This story is a challenge

to every reader's conscience.
Having read through it, my ear caught the ads on the page.

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Need to violate ethics? Above are all your tools for doing so.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

signing statements, executive circumvention,

The Bush Regime and its representatives in Congress (they don't represent the people any more) are trying to alter the structure of government by altering its functioning.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Every warlike venture

involves physical and moral evil, Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote.
Need proof?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Unlike Fukuyama,

I just can't embrace any metamodels of history, politics and development. I think totalizing ideology turns thoughts into hobnail boots and reality into something cruel. Francis Fukuyama has come down on the side of personal responsibility with respect to the history of the Iraq war.

In other words, if things turn out well in Iraq, history may well record that it is despite -- rather than because of -- the best efforts of Bush and Blair. That seems harsh to me, but Fukuyama is implacable. Whether they win or lose history's gamble, he believes the champions of the war should be blamed for starting it. end quote.

Of course the champions of the war are responsible for starting it. That's not left-wing ideology, or even intellectual talent or genius, that's common sense. I think it's wonderful that Fukuyama talks about his wife and her independence and reflection on situations they experienced together.

Finally, a media challenge

against the use of erroneous logic by the Bush Regime.
More about the Straw Man and logical fallacies is here.

The essence of the Straw Man follows:

  • Person A has position X.
  • Person B presents position Y (which is a distorted version of X).
  • Person B attacks position Y.
  • Therefore X is false/incorrect/flawed.
  • This sort of "reasoning" is fallacious because attacking a distorted version of a position simply does not constitute an attack on the position itself. One might as well expect an attack on a poor drawing of a person to hurt the person.

    end quote.

    Friday, March 17, 2006

    The war against Iraq

    is a war of aggression, conquest and imperialism. Let the criminals be arrested and defend themselves with the tortured logic they've forced onto the American public.

    State & elite terrorism

    have been features of the lives of African-Americans for centuries.
    I think they always knew that what goes around comes back again and that eventually, a mostly white but pluralist elite would tyrannize over a pluralist majority.
    The demand for social justice, always pale in this country, will be followed by a much more rage-filled demand for meaningful citizenship.
    The country has been tyrannized, it must be re-democratized.

    If even one person,

    regardless of age, race, religion, or inclination is threatened by the presence of security, military, or police personnel, the democracy is gone and a rule by fear has supplanted it.
    Rule by fear has only one name in the modern era and that is totalitarianism.

    Thursday, March 16, 2006

    This event occurred

    in Cattaraugus County, not far from me.
    It was an anti-democratic town meeting.

    “We were answering questions and this big guy in a suit came along and said, ‘move along,’” she said. “I said, ‘Why can’t we answer questions?’ And he said, ‘I have been given my orders.’”

    Mrs. Snyder said she felt threatened by the security officer.

    “He kept saying ‘move along’ and kept blocking my way and I kept saying, ‘I’m a U.S. citizen I have a right to answer some questions,’” she said. “It felt like if you were out of order at all, someone was going to take you away. It was very threatening.” end quote.

    The children threaten their parents. It's license for crime, cruelty, silence and repression. The dichotomy of evil is clear-- we have the government as tormentor, deceiver and murderer, and a submissive population.

    Another huge offensive in Iraq.

    Mission accomplished? Yeah right.
    The heavy burden of virtue has just become too great for the United States, so bombs away.
    For northeast Samarra, it's apocalypse now.

    Yes, the devil

    was certainly in the details.

    Wednesday, March 15, 2006

    I wonder if the Bush Regime

    would try that regime change crap in China? I know Iran's already on deck, is China in the hole? That was meant to be a joke.

    Economic anxiety

    Anxiety about the dollar and our tremendous debt is behind this. I think they're going to tell us to take a flying leap. They can do what they damn well please.

    Tuesday, March 14, 2006

    Pacifism is

    deep, dark, betrayal.
    Practice your Christianity honestly and the guys who are looking slightly overdressed will come your way with wiretaps, tape machines and mini-cameras at the ready. Nixon would smile knowingly.

    Yes, I find it

    hard to take my government's human rights stance seriously too.
    The response of Noah S. Leavitt, an attorney who has worked with the International Law Commission of the United Nations in Geneva and the International Court of Justice in The Hague, is typical. Leavitt said, "The sad reality is that because of the Bush Administration's haughty unilateralism and its mockery of international prohibitions on torture, most of the rest of the world no longer takes the US seriously on human rights matters."

    Here is the

    most genuine motivation for the Iraq war.
    If war was unprofitable in a monetary sense, it would not exist.
    As the world is, those who shed blood are getting a lot of money. In Bushworld, crime is preferable to virtuous conduct.

    This is the world that has been forced on us,

    not the one we voted for democratically, but the one that forced its way into power and will not leave the throne.

    pResident Bush said insurgents were trying to ignite a civil war by escalating the violence.

    "I wish I could tell you that the violence is waning and that the road ahead will be smooth," Bush said in the first of a series of speeches to mark the third anniversary of the start of the U.S.-led war in Iraq. "It will not. There will be more tough fighting and more days of struggle, and we will see more images of chaos and carnage in the days and months to come." end quote.

    tough fighting, days of struggle, chaos, carnage . . . the things a neocon lives to create & worsen.

    Monday, March 13, 2006

    explain Iraq better

    That means the usurper is going to try as hard as possible to do our thinking for us when speaking or stumbling around verbally about the war. I disagree with the thesis of the article. The usurping president will always be relevant. If he is relevant, then he can be be targeted and discredited. This quote, though, is a real idiot joke.

    Through the challenges, the President has kept his human touch. Touring New Orleans last week, he met a man who had survived for days on canned goods before being evacuated to Utah. "Were you the only black man in Salt Lake City?" Bush asked. end quote.

    Actually the first joke is the human touch, the second is that the quote below it can bespeak humanity. I'll bet the usurper rubbed the man's head for luck.

    I really don't give a damn

    who this guy plays bridge with.
    He didn't kill 3,000+ people on 9/11, and so he doesn't deserve to die.

    Judges, ethics, judges . . . aren't they inconvenient?
    When your government is without judgment they certainly are.

    Bush indulges the lie

    that nuclear energy is renewable.
    Renewable or not, fusion power remains the unborn child of heat.

    In spite of the usurper's pride in American science, I think the next great advances in science of every kind will come from abroad. Americans have imposed backwardness upon themselves out of a misguided sense of security.

    Sunday, March 12, 2006

    The gulag has been extended

    so far that the great embarrassment can be closed. That's the message I take away here.

    Saturday, March 11, 2006

    I can't get rid of the box,

    so you can think of it as a sort of coffin.

    Evidence that habeas corpus

    is a thing of the past. Associate Katrina and recovery with human rights and it all turns into a nightmare.
    Safe Streets, Strong Communities, a New Orleans-based criminal justice reform coalition that Price also works with, has just released a report based on more than a hundred recent interviews with prisoners who have been locked up since pre-Katrina and are currently spread across thirteen prisons and hundreds of miles. They found the average number of days people had been locked up without a trial was 385 days. One person had been locked up for 1,289 days. None of them have been convicted of any crime.
    end quote.

    Notice the value is on strength and safety-- very fascistic, very anti-humanistic, very uncivilized. One characteristic I expect of the coming totalitarianism is the appearance of order with the reality of total arbitrariness, banality and pervasive disappearances.

    Oh, and here's another growing constituency

    the regime and Pentagon fear so deeply that they won't even let pictures of homecomings be taken.

    This is not a mob,

    these people represent a growing constituency.
    They are those whose human rights were violated by a nation that calls itself humane and civilized. They expose the big lie of official American compassion, idealism, and commitment to democracy.

    From the story concerning Mr. Quaissi:
    A spokesman for the American military in Iraq declined to comment, saying it would violate the Geneva Conventions to disclose the identity of prisoners in any of the Abu Ghraib photographs, just as it would to discuss the reasons behind Mr. Qaissi's detention. end quote.

    Yes, I recognized the hypocrisy just like that.

    Distinguish carefully

    between the public interest and private greed. The writer of this article did not, and Ms. Norton has made sure to confuse the issues enough to mislead many people.
    Compromise with greed? There's no doing it.

    WASHINGTON - Western lands more open to oil and gas drilling and to logging. A greater emphasis on making federal land accessible to the public. Fewer protections for wilderness. . . . During her tenure, oil and gas companies won thousands of permits to drill in western states as the administration moved to speed domestic oil and gas production. . . . The budget proposes cuts to several programs, including $89 million from the National Park Service's nearly $2.6 billion budget. It also would raise $250 million over five years by selling 125,000 acres of the Bureau of Land Management's 261 million acres. end quote.

    This man died not for his country,

    but for the well-being of the entire world. I would rather die a decent human being at the hands of a terrorist than embrace terror and become a terrorist myself.

    Friday, March 10, 2006

    Chile has a wonderful

    and fascinating new leader. Even though Michelle Bachelet was elected several months ago, this is the first interview of her I've read. Where the decent majority in my own country is politically silenced and despairs, this is a positive development in the larger world.

    A long fall down the slippery slope

    of irresponsible power should be easy to perceive in the policies of the usurping president and his equally illegitimate justice department.
    Juxtapose the statements of the inspector with those of a justice department spokesman.

    Thursday, March 09, 2006

    Can you say


    Proof of America's loss

    of moral and ethical authority in the larger world.

    Quote: "As in previous years, the State Department pointed the finger at human rights situations in more than 190 countries and regions, including China, but kept silent on the serious violations of human rights in the United States," it said. end quote.

    I feel like a cleansing laugh, don't you? It's about time we got off the human rights pedestal any way. We had no right to speak even when the world was speaking admiringly of us. All our moral authority has been a pipe dream.

    I feel it is my duty

    to spread this information as widely as possible.

    Do you get the reality you observe,

    the reality you theorize, the reality you vote for, or the reality that's been dictated to you?
    This is America. Choose your origins, don't study them, and above all, don't try to find them in nature. It's degrading.
    Better yet, let's elect what's knowledge and what's not. If intellectual authority challenges the actors who create reality, then discredit and disregard it altogether. The more free a people are from knowledge, the more free they are to act & create their reality. This is the paramount neoconservative ethic.

    Do you value happiness so much

    that you sacrifice complete awareness of the world?
    I note that self-esteem consists of being proud of yourself and completely assured in what you believe.
    I think self-esteem amounts to allowing a basic sense of self-worth apart from what one believes and apart from pride. And they do say that pride goeth . . . somewhere, sometime.

    Faith-based homeland security

    Here is what the usurper learned from the hurricanes last summer. Don't promote the general welfare, palm it off onto religious organizations.
    It's just more proof for the assertion that this government demands the service, devotion and loyalty of the people and refuses to serve them. May the rulers be crushed under the weight of the evidence against them.

    Another inconvenient reality

    is science.
    Yes, we live in a time where action rather than the scientific method creates reality.
    The United States said good-bye to Enlightenment rationalism and altruism after ww2, the Constitution & Bill of Rights after December 2000, and now the project of the Renaissance, humanity the measure, humanity the observer & reflector, is under attack as well.

    Tuesday, March 07, 2006

    In spite of the corruption

    in this country, people are doing good.
    They're doing it here and here.

    And of course,

    while noblesse oblige is arbitrary, obligation introduces reason and commitment to service.
    The reason for the government's existence is not to be served by the people, but to serve them. This government sends young people to their deaths.
    The government in South Dakota requires rape and incest victims to have whatever children may have come from their offenders. Yes, it is a law that sympathizes greatly with rapists and committers of incest. To all who bully the small, the government is your friend.
    To all who are victims, wait another day.

    The oath the president takes

    obligates him to "preserve, protect & defend the Constitution of the United States."
    Too bad GW Bush doesn't pass muster in his enforcement of the 6th Amendment.
    The prevalence of secret proceedings alone should be enough evidence of a failure to carry out the imperatives of the oath-- a failure that should condemn any case he might make against impeachment. His contempt for the people knows no bounds.

    In the event that all the protesters are arrested,

    all the petitions burnt, and all the districts drawn to favor the neoconservative sociopaths, what can the people do?


    Toward the end of the event, the gravity of America's dilemma led Lapham to speculate that even insurrection might be possible. It came in response to a question from an audience member who asked, "Are you willing to discuss the alternative that the American people have if they're faced with an illegal government because impeachment doesn't work? That alternative of course is for the people to overthrow the illegal government by the means that they consider necessary."

    "I do think that it could easily get to the revolutionary stage, because I would expect the fight to be extremely ugly," Lapham said. "It might come to that. I don't think you're going to keep your democratic republic easily."

    end quote.

    Business decisions are not rational.

    President Bush defended his deal to allow the sale of several U.S. port facilities by saying the detractors are irrational. Business decisions are neither simple nor rational. They are opportunistic.

    Frank Monroe has been mentioned

    again in the media.
    The Judge, Monroe, is gifted with a sense of justice that places considerations of reason above the imperative for wealth concentration.
    The link to his ruling doesn't seem to be working, but the piece by Howard Karger is worth reading all the same.

    Monday, March 06, 2006

    More evidence of the American

    hatred of reality.
    Social injustice?
    Why there's no need to tolerate them at all! It's a just world after all, and people get what they deserve, right Richard Cheney?
    Solve these social problems the easy way: destroy the homeless, the alienated, the starving, and the exposed.
    Our government is guilty of social neglect and the licensure of criminal conduct against the impoverished.

    Sunday, March 05, 2006

    Need we question

    this assertion?

    1. The United States has spent more than a quarter-trillion dollars in Iraq.
    2. 50 billion dollars of that went to Homeland Security, which is doing security in Iraq.
    Homeland security should mean the homeland . . . is Iraq the homeland? Well if one conceives of Iraq as a Middle Eastern colony, then I guess it's appropriate for Homeland Security to become the next sinkhole for Iraq money, arms, and blood.
    3. Billions of dollars are unaccounted for, and there are widespread allegations of waste, fraud and war profiteering. end quote.
    So not only is Iraq our new Middle Eastern colony, it's also a place where lots of money can change lots of hands REAL FAST. And when it does, it can be laundered so much more easily.

    This government thinks nothing of going after debtors with their damned-to-hell bankruptcy bill, overpayments of Social Security benefits to the disabled, survivors and children, and they really want their taxes, yet when it comes to holding corporate contractors accountable for what they do, the vigilance and care go out like a blowing bulb. There are several standards of decency in conduct in this nation. The richer you are, the more liberal, that is, generous, they become.

    The mid-term draws near,

    and I'm pleased to say that I'm grading papers and trying to keep my own work caught up. My paper on Hawthorne is written, and I've got a number of other essays I've written over the past few years I might post here.
    I won't be as busy as usual during spring break, but there will still be things to do. Student aid applications, income tax returns, etc. I really feel that when we pay taxes to this government, we should also be required to write what we think of public policy and include it with our taxes. If you feel bad about the taxes you're paying, it's probably because you feel the government isn't really serving the people.
    I know that if my dollars bought public transportation, national health insurance, and a defense policy of persistent non-intervention in foreign countries, I'd be very happy to pay an even larger percentage of my income than I do.
    I think the government deserves some public rage along with its taxes, which it forces out of the majority to comfort and aid the minority who are most able to pay. The way I see it, they should be grateful that the rage comes out in notes rather than fires in the Rotunda. The Rotunda, remember, belongs to the people, not to Congress.

    American medicine embraces

    the cure of faith.
    Too bad it's not ethical, but then ethics, like the constitution, may be amended or ignored easily in Bushworld.

    Friday, March 03, 2006

    Maybe reality won't be a problem

    when the reality-based community is forced to contract.

    Thursday, March 02, 2006

    Note well,

    the devaluation of souls.

    Quote: "Upwards of 80 to 85 percent of people serving there have witnessed or been part of a traumatic event . . . 'In Vietnam, there were safe areas where people could go to rest and recuperate. that doesn't happen in Iraq, every place is a war zone.'"

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