Saturday, February 18, 2006

Nearly finished

The essay on "Legends of the Province House" will be finished tomorrow. I'm glad I can say that with some confidence. Last night I was not so sure, but the work is going. It never seems to go fast enough. I've also been gathering quotations for my larger paper on Hawthorne & history. The thesis is more elaborate there and I need to read a few things more carefully before I start to draft.
I've started the summary on Cohen, which she asked for last week. I thought that was a little strange to ask for a written summary of a book when the assignment dictated that only half the work be read. I don't want to summarize based on only an introduciton and four chapters worth of reading. I want to have a schematic in my head of the book's organization before I write.
Next week my students will be getting their assignments and I'll spend some of the recitations talking about writing and what I expect. They won't have many opportunities to write for me and so they need some idea of where they need to go. The lesson needs to be that writing is messy when it's done, but shaped when it's edited. I think if they take the time to edit, they'll be all right.

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