Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Let's share something

Here's a little historical observation about progressivism, economic determinism (both of which are dirty words to neocons & Republicans alike) and the love of war.

This kind of economic determinism—the belief that wars happen because they are good for business—typified the thinking of progressives such as Robert La Follette. As the ringleader of a Senate filibuster in March 1917 against a bill to arm U.S. merchant ships, La Follette earned the hatred of Wilson, who reviled him as one of "the little group of willful men expressing no opinion but their own."17 Alan Dawley, Changing the World: American Progressives in War and Revolution. (Princeton: Princeton U P, 2003): 118.

A little group of willful men?
O I beg to differ. At the time, a significant number of Americans who were not conformist Anglo-Saxon Protestants wanted nothing to do with the slaughter of the 1st World War. LaFollette was representing the people, not a little group of willful men.
What do you call an elite?
That's a little group of willful men if ever one existed! Even in 1917, projection was the order of the day for people of nationalist and warlike persuasion.

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