Monday, February 06, 2006

Frustrating, but not ineffectual

This morning, I was convinced I'd lost my keys. They were on the table where they were supposed to be, but of course I couldn't see them. I don't really look for things. I rattle the objects on my table, jiggle my backpack and purse and various piles of stuff lying around until I hear the keys. They make a distinctive sound, but even this sound was not distinct enough. The keys were caught in a pile of paper on my table, and they were effectively muffled. I need a sound to which I can respond, because otherwise, it's as if nothing exists. So I think I'll get a small brass bell and attach it to my key carabiner.
I went into damn-it-all mode quickly after I felt the keys were lost though. I dashed off a letter to the bus service asking for a new reduced-fare card with two dollars in check, and called my landlord. Fortunately, about twenty minutes later, I found the keys, locked the door, and got to my lecture on time.
After I got home, I put my school things away and went to get my teeth cleaned down the street. Convenient indeed to have a dentist down the street. The hygeinist who cleaned my teeth had been in that same office for 17 years. My cleaning went great-- no apparent cavities at least. Although that sounds good, I scheduled for an x-ray exam any way. In the case of cavities, it's better to catch them small and cheap than large and expensive.
Then, when I got home, it was so cold and windy I just tucked myself into bed and dozed. That's all I want to do when the wind is howling and screaming against the windows. It doesn't just howl and scream though, sometimes it rattles the panes. When the wind blows, my apartment stays cold. I lost power for about an hour or so, and then the maintenance man came and flipped the breaker. I'm glad I let him do that because I can't see anything in the box even when it's daylight.
So tonight I think I'll do the easy thing, read a few hours.

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