Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Firmly grounded in tyranny

The American Bar Association has set down some imperatives for the Regime with respect to domestic spying.

1. investigate the program with the objective of determining its legitimacy.
2. ascertain the extent of e-mail, telephone, and other kinds of domestic spying.
3. and, most important of all, find out if & how the information is used in legal proceedings.

Will these things be done? Well the roulette wheel is definitely spinning.
The fact that it's spinning indicates that this country is not free. If it were free, there'd be no debate about whether or not to investigate, and what aspects to investigate and with what objectives to investigate.
The investigation would be formulated within 24 hours, pursued, and appropriate action taken within a month.
That is what happens in a nation genuinely committed to social & political justice.
It is not happening in the United States of America, which at one time was a democratic republic and is now a neoconservative totalitarian state.

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