Saturday, February 04, 2006

The day seems short

when you spend your time doing mostly the same thing from hour to hour. I read more of the assignments for all my classes. "The Ambitious Guest" for Hawthorne, which I'll read once more before class was on the list today and got done easily enough. I've also been reading a basic narrative history of the American Revolution to help with my project for "Legends of the Province House."
The project is due on the 22nd of this month and is my most current individual assignment. I've found a few secondary sources to help out, and I'll spend some time putting it together next weekend. The larger project, due 3/8, needs more work that I'll do tomorrow. I'm just going to read through what I've written so far and then I'll make some decisions about just which works of Hawthorne to discuss. I've also downloaded some sources on historiography and historical theory. I suppose I could include LPH in the essay discussion, which would help streamline the effort.
I'm really miffed that the article I need to read for 503 isn't scannable.

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