Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Blind Ambition, part 2

The domestic spying program implemented by this regime was probably planned before 9/11 and implemented within a fraction of a second after the first tower was hit. It has only a micron to do with terrorism or outgoing phone calls to foreign countries. Domestic spying has everything to do with the regime's pollitical enemies, dissenters, and the great mass of people who lost their political voice in 1996 and their right of suffrage in 2000. People involved in the program and those who support it have admitted that not everything about it has been exposed to the public. When it is, and eventually it will be, I think it will be shown not to be a protective program, but a program of aggressive and criminal political repression.
The defensiveness of this regime in the face of the public, the vote fraud and legal machinations, the staged presidential appearances, the insulation from criticism, dissent, and principled debate all indicate the presence of careful monitoring of the silenced opposition. The intelligence apparatus of the NSA would be perfect for such a purpose, and I'll wager more than a speck of dust that this is what the NSA does now.
Yes, we thought we'd booted Nixon and all such abuses of power. Little did we know, the party and faction from which Nixon came had opened a door their ambition would not let them close.

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