Friday, October 28, 2005

I'm hoping it's only a matter of time

before I get my new computer and am capable of writing entries at home.
I'm very glad that Harriet Miers did the ladylike thing after she got burned by her co-ideologists. I just wish she'd done it earlier and not gone through all the humiliation. What a fool!
And I suppose that George Bush II has learned the hard way that Washington is not Austin and that your cronies will just have to be satisfied with less authority until they've in fact earned more.
I've been listening to the news with some excitement over the Fitzgerald grand jury. It pleases me much that Karl Rove has been compelled four times to testify! Ha! The story must be like a country road in the dark of the moon.
I was also pleased to see Tom DeLay brought down by his own machinations in Texas.
Now, how I wish their ideology was discredited, seen for the fountain of lies it really is.
I'd write more and in more detail, but I've been extremely busy with school work. I miss my children, but my youngest son has made it a point to call almost every night.
When I think of my family, I'm reminded of the colonial Chesapeake. We're all working for our inch in the world.

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