Monday, September 19, 2005

Ownership New Orleans

I've been listening here and there to news reports of how the usurping administration intends to re-build New Orleans. They want to create a "bold" city, one in which people own their homes, they don't rent them. One in which the refineries are all functioning and polluting to capacity. I'm starting to feel sick already.
A few weeks ago, I heard that most of the people who contributed to the antediluvian culture of New Orleans were, in fact, renters now owners of their homes. So in the process of creating an ownership New Orleans, it is possible that they're turning the cultural space into something more complacent, something less caring, something I know will be less productive.
I have also heard that the usurping administration has reserved much aid, lucrative aid, to businesses instead of citizens. As if the government and nation exist to serve not citizens, but business. Is this a polity of business, a nation of dollars, and a republic of creditors?
The contributions to our culture of the debtors and renters were under-appreciated before. That's what this attempt to create an ownership New Orleans says to me. And as for the most productive citizens of that city? I'm sure their poverty will be unalleviated, no simple dignitiy given to those who choose to rent rather than buy what they use. My impression that in the ownership society, renters are outsiders and others.
Complacency destroys cultural space.

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