Friday, August 12, 2005

Class Work Begins

This week, I read The Historian's Craft, by Marc Leopold Bloch. The reading, on cassette, took only one day. I'm pleased, because that is with little speed enhancement. I'm gathering information for a review of the book, but I want just a bit more guidance from the instructor before drafting. For now, I'm quote-gathering and bio-reading.
Last night, I made bittersweet tapioca pudding. Who needs chocolate bars?
I've been reading online, and there's much about Cindy Sheehan. I wanted to repeat one of the more reactionary quotations here. A "woman" said that there were hundreds protesting and inspired by Sheehan's activism, but thousands who are inactive. What we're supposed to think, of course, is that those uncounted thousands revere Bush, love the war, and sacrifice their children happily. The quotation sounds more calculating than anything a mother, bereaved or not, would say. That the statement was said, I do not doubt. That it would have been said by a bereaved mother, I doubt highly.
Am I getting an ear for Rove-inserts?
The echo on this machine is still too slow. I'm getting three words typed before the voice steps in with the letters. It must speak the letters as they are pressed and quickly, quickly. I'm a fast typist and the only way I know I'm spelling anything correctly is to hear the voice. I want it to be like it is at home. `

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