Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I've been ironing out

some problems with commuting. The commute between my home and school is much longer, but in terms of time, it's about the same as in Harrisonburg, fifty minutes. The only difference was that there, I walked and rode a bus either way. Here, I'm riding a bus, a train, and then another bus. I've just been trying to find the two different places where these buses pick up and drop off.
I swam twice last weekend, and soon my energy level will be back up. On the weekend I moved here, there was a huge heat wave in progress. The temperatures were up to 90 in the day, and only down to the high 60s at night. That might sound cool in Virginia, but it is hot for New York.
This voice doesn't work as well with the keyboard as the one I use at home. I type very quickly, and it takes time for this keyboard to echo my strokes.
I'm hoping I can meet the director of grad studies here very soon. My fingers are crossed around the wish that she comes in this afternoon.
I've been reading Samuel Clemens's Life On The Mississippi. I'm almost finished with it. One prominent feature of the narrative is murder. There is much murder in it, and I'm sure that he looks at not as a crime against life as a crime against individuality.
In the week after I moved, I started and went straight through Ernest Shackleton's South. I loved it, and Shackleton is a very good chronicler. I've got another work of his, Heart of the Antarctic, which I'll read when I can. I am particularly fascinated by the other journeys he refers to. These will be subjects for my study later.

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