Friday, July 08, 2005

I have returned

I'm set up in Buffalo. The move was aggravating. I wouldn't mind writing in more detail about the reasons for that, but there are more interesting things to write about today.
I've been involved in orientation and mobility training. Yesterday, my instructor and I took some buses. I'm at the university now. I'm going to spend some time walking and swimming this evening. I'm going to spend the rest of this day getting to know the parts of the campus I use most as well as possible.
I still have yet to find and use a large store here. But knowledge of place and the means of transportation will take time to acquire. It's one thing to be alone, it's another to be alone and unable to see.
I'm very happy with the university so far. They've been able to provide a computer with the voice I use, and there have been no bureaucratic stone walls in my path to get my ID card.
I'm still having trouble finding bus stops, but all these procedures must become simpler with practice, and with more practice, automatic. I hope the automatic phase begins at least a week before classes begin.
I adore living toward downtown Buffalo, even if the commute is long. The Metro is fast, and the buses are fast enough.
I'll write again when I can.

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