Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A step in the right direction,

albeit very late.

“Thankfully, justice in our Nation has moved forward and left such despicable acts to history,” said Senator Allen. “But, this story can never be complete without an acknowledgement from this body that it failed to protect individual freedoms and rights. This apology is long overdue and I’m pleased the Senate will finally extend one to thousands of victims, their families, and ancestors.” END QUOTE

I think an apology is fine, but Allen's statement about our culture "leaving such despicable acts to history" is untrue. Back in my ancient days at Radio Left, I collected some stories about present-day lynchings.

I wonder what Allen would say to

These things, lynchings, war crimes, detention without charge, frontier justice, are far from in the past for the United States. Unless you make your own reality like the good neocon that George Allen is.

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