Sunday, June 05, 2005

Repression Here, War Crimes Abroad,

what more can we expect of the Bush Regime and present circumstances?
More repression here coupled with a better understanding of our war crimes abroad. And that's hope.
Of course hope is a feast for a starving person.

On a more personal note
Yesterday, I made a beef stew I flavored with Cabernet Sauvignon, rosemary & oregano. I ate more of it for dinner today, and it's still the best food I've had. I'm going to eighty-six the boullion for the most part when I'm living alone and keep using wine & spices to season my soups and stews. I need to cut my salt intake any way.
Tomorrow I go swimming. It will be outdoors and I need to bring a lot of sunscreen with me. I remember the minor disaster that happened last year the first time I went. I wan burnt thoroughly on my shoulders and legs. I'm vowing, not this year. I'll be glad after I move. Both the pools at the university where I'm going are indoor pools. I love the ambience of an outdoor pool, but I just can't take the sun for longer than an hour.
I've also started writing my notes for America and the Sea. The first discussion is about North American geography, currents, and wildlife. Marine wildlife was a key resource in the pre-Columbian, Colonial and Early Republic. The next discussion is about the Native Americans, their maritime cultures and relationship to the sea. The next chapter is very important because it's about the Viking contact with Greenland and via Greenland with North America a good 500 years before Christopher Columbus. These are the first narratives of American maritime history.

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