Sunday, June 05, 2005

One Name, 2 Organizations

One is fraudulent, the other is genuine.

Al Jazeera dot com has no mission statement at all.

AlJazeera dot net
Covering the four corners of the world Aljazeera has given millions of people a refreshing new perspective on global events.

Free from the shackles of censorship and government control Aljazeera has offered its audiences in the Arab world much needed freedom of thought, independence, and room for debate. In the rest of the world, often dominated by the stereotypical thinking of news “heavyweights”, Aljazeera offers a different and a new perspective.

Aljazeera's correspondents opened a window for the world on the millennium’s first two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our expanded coverage competed with and sometimes outperformed our competitors bringing into the spotlight the war’s devastating impact on the lives of ordinary people.

We continue to cover all viewpoints with objectivity integrity and balance.

Also note Al Jazeera dot com employs the space between Al & J.
Aljazeera dot net employs no space.
The Al Jazeera Online Edition, and dot com organization is fraudulent.

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