Saturday, June 11, 2005

Neglecting Soldiers

This is an old item from David Sirota's blog, but given the complaints about inadequate supplies this spring, one year after its release, it is still timely.

Military officials say "more money will be needed soon" and have "identified unmet funding needs, including initiatives aimed at providing equipment and weapons for troops in Iraq. The Army has publicly identified nearly $6 billion in funding requests that did not make Bush's $402 billion defense budget for 2005, including $132 million for bolt-on vehicle armor; $879 million for combat helmets, silk-weight underwear, boots and other clothing; $21.5 million for M249 squad automatic weapons; and $27 million for ammunition magazines, night sights and ammo packs. Also unfunded: $956 million for repairing desert-damaged equipment and $102 million to replace equipment lost in combat. end quote.

In tabular form:
The Army had asked for approx. 6 billion dollars.
These were not granted.
What was the 6 billion to pay for?

Amount Need
(in millions)
132 Vehicular armor
879 combat helmets, undersear, boots, clothing
21.5 M249 squad automatic weapons
27 ammunition, sights, packs
956 repairing equipment
102 replacing equipment

Remember, this is where the money DID NOT GO, WHAT IT DID NOT DO.

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