Sunday, June 12, 2005

Most of the lighter materials

in my stash of earthly possessions are packed. I've had some nightmares about being lost or about losing familiar people, and as I told my mother, I think it's just me being anxious. I've been combing over maps with what little vision I've got. Fortunately, I'll have about two months to practice walking about in my residential neighborhood and at home. I also went to the website of the Lockwood Library, which is where I'll be doing most of my work. I've heard that it has several computers equipped with the voice programs I like to use. It has an extensive collection of pulp fiction.
I've been listening to Daniel J. Boorstin's The Americans: The Democratic Experience over the last week or so. I haven't been using vast amounts of time on it because I want to think about each concept as Boorstin introduces it. The writing is seamless and reminiscent of James McPherson. Although McPherson's work is narrative-based rather than thematically based.
I also downloaded Life On The Mississippi by Mark Twain. Project Gutenberg just keeps getting better and better.
At the school I will attend, they have started an account with bookshare, which will be more convenient for undergraduates than graduate students.
I attended my son's graduation ceremony yesterday. It did not last too long and he sang a song with the honors choir during the presentation. He's still euphoric about it I think.

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