Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'll be gone awhile

Tomorrow, I'm going to pack up my computer because my mobile storage unit will arrive on Thursday. I'll write again when I get access to a public computer or when I get home internet access again hopefully in about three weeks to a month. I'm glad this move takes place in the summer and that it isn't too far. I bought an air conditioner yesterday which will hopefully be enough to cool my apartment.
I've been trying to get hold of my landlord, and even though I can call the company, they're still not working very closely with me. I e-mailed one of the managers soon after I sent the lease back with a tentative moving date, and then confirmed it later. I just hope someone who knows I'm moving in is around on the 25th.
My lease goes into force tomorrow. I still have a few things yet to do here, and they should be done by the time I'm ready to go.
I'm going to miss this place much though. I have a lot of good, caring friends here. I hope I can garner the same where I'm going.
Till later, I'll leave you with a quotation from Mark Twain & Charles Dudley Warner's The Gilded Age:


The law is what I was born for. I shall begin the study of the law. Heavens and earth, but that Brabant's a wonderful man--a wonderful man sir! Such a head! And such a way with him! But I could see that he was jealous of me. The little licks I got in in the course of my argument before the jury--"
"Your argument! Why, you were a witness."
"Oh, yes, to the popular eye, to the popular eye--but I knew when I was dropping information and when I was letting drive at the court with an insidious argument. But the court knew it, bless you, and weakened everytime! And Brabant knew it. I just reminded him of it in a quiet way, and its final result, and he said in a whisper, 'You did it, Colonel, you did it, sir--but keep it mum for my sake; and I'll tell you what you do,'says he, 'you go into the law, Col. Sellers--go into the law, sir; that'syour native element!' And into the law the subscriber is going. There's worlds of money in it!--whole worlds of money! Practice first in Hawkeye, then in Jefferson, then in St. Louis, then in New York! In the metropolis of the western world! Climb, and climb, and climb--and windup on the Supreme bench. Beriah Sellers, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, sir! A made man for all time and eternity! That's the way I block it out, sir--and it's as clear as day--clear as the rosy-morn!"


Have a good move. I look forward to reading your posts when you return. ~Amadeus
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