Friday, June 03, 2005

Few Objects, Much To Do

I don't have really very many objects to move. I have to move a desk, an end table, a large table, and my futon. That is all my furniture. Then there's the computer and all my other groovy tools. Among the most durable are the two cast iron pans which Lee bought for me almost twenty years ago. I also have a set of saucepans, only two of which have lids. I'm going to need to order more lids for the set, ones that have handles. Revere ware is great stuff though. I remember my father's copper-bottomed saucepan from the time I was about five years old. He didn't have a lid for his, though.
I bought two beautiful lamps, one is short and white, the other is tall, a sort of buffet lamp. Both are suitable for the 40-watt bulbs that I favor. I wish 40 watt bulbs were more common. I think 60 or above is just way too bright. If you need a light that bright you should get yourself a flourescent and install it in the ceiling. When we first moved here, lee had a flourescent installed over the sink for me. He hoped it would help me get the dishes and sinks cleaner. I also have a small lamp that takes a 4-watt bulb. That's my nightlight. I put it in the window wherever I am. The light is such that I can even function when only that light is burning.
I finished my sit tight sweater. The decorative stitching on the front, twist stitch diamonds, give it a texture similar to a ribbed sweater. The next one I make, and I've started on the back, I'll finish in Buffalo. I believe I'll put moss stitch on the front of that one and on the sleeves to match. I also knitted a pair of bi-colored socks with worsted weight cotton and crocheted three dishcloths with the same yarn. I can't bleach them, but I think they're going to be tough enough to last at least a couple of years.
I've ordered a pod to be here on the 16th. It's scheduled to be at my new address on the 25th, perhaps in the morning. I'm a bit aggravated though. I lost my social security card, and so I'm going to have to apply for a new one. I just hope it arrives before I move away. This is a very aggravating time to lose something like that, but I've got several other forms of ID. I'll be all right.

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