Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A Curious Disjoint

is evident in the assessment of our "counterinsurgency efforts" by a defense analyst called Daniel Goure.

"The reality is we have discovered, despite all our propaganda, that we are facing a very tough, resilient and smart adversary," defense analyst Daniel Goure of the Lexington Institute said.

Goure said rebels have continuously changed, updated and modified tactics, dumping those that no longer worked. Goure also faulted U.S. forces for being slow to cut off the supply of bullets, bombs, money and recruits coming over the border from Syria. end quote.

Toughness, resiliency and the ability to be strategically and tactically flexible are the attributes of a fighting force capable of winning the confrontation, battle, and even war.
I believe that these traits are more important than bullets, bombs, money, and recruits-- all of which the US has in plentiful supply when it institutes the draft and frightens the public again with another well-staged attack on American soil.
Our enemy is improvising with success. Their success should be our anxiety, and should force reflection where there was fear.

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