Wednesday, June 01, 2005

And Now, Remember The Living

The Bonus Army of pensioners created a tent city in Anacostia, Maryland. Another scion of a wealthy family who never knew a day of hardship or anxiety over resources in his life, Douglas MacArthur, burnt that tent city to the ground.
It's juat another chapter of the story in which those who assert human need are heroic, and those who follow orders simply and efficiently in crushing them become demons of history.
The events are briefly described here.
And here is Wikipedia's take on the matter.
From May to July, 1932, the economic polarization of American society showed its face. It's a rare sight to see. If conditions worsen further in the US, and if that worsening is coupled with deepening indifference of the elites and those they've bought off (Congressional representatives, judges, apparachiks, local governments & media), count on seeing something like it again.

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