Thursday, June 09, 2005

1 story that should've been 2

This article, reposted from Smirking Chimp, should be two stories instead of one.

The lead:
WASHINGTON - President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Tuesday forcefully denied that Bush manipulated intelligence to build support for war with Iraq, as a controversial British government memo suggests. END QUOTE.

This is the first sentence of the story. It should be the entire content of the story summarized. But alas, we receive some surprises.

The lingering questions about the rationale for war overshadowed Blair's announcement that the two leaders are nearing agreement on a plan to forgive 100 percent of Africa's foreign debt. Blair hopes to make African debt relief a centerpiece of next month's G-8 summit in Scotland, which will bring together leaders from eight industrialized democracies. END QUOTE.

Will someone please tell me what this story is about? This paragraph should be the lead of another story. Methinks I'm viewing a bait and switch.

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