Saturday, May 21, 2005

We Could Employ Millions of Americans

If the economy is restructured to serve the people instead of shareholders and corporations.
Textile and plastics manufacturers do not need to be corporate giants. They could be domestically owned and operated individual proprietorships and profitable.
Workers could be unionized and such organizations would remain profitable.
They could take on the objective of serving the communities in which they are based and remain profitable.
The problem is that the economy and job markets are structured now to serve Chinese workers and to disempower and impoverish Americans.
Everything we see that is made abroad, clothing, dishes, name tags, souvenir objects and tools of all kinds, was made here in the past. Millions of Americans are out of work or are unqualified for the high-tech information and service vocations. Laborers, long internal exiles, must be served, accommodated, and given a decent, dignified place in this country. They will know only desperation until the economy and government cease to be the pet-handmaids of the business and shareholding classes.

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